Pregnancy and Diet

It is very important for you to take care of your diet during pregnancy because you have the added responsibility of taking care of your baby along with yourself. A pregnant woman is supposed to eat for two and should include a good amount of nutritive food full of vitamins, proteins, fats, roughage, and minerals. …

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Drug use during Pregnancy

Most pregnant women use prescribed or non-prescribed drugs during pregnancy. The drug use in pregnant women may result in birth defects. Therefore unless it is imperative to use drugs, they should be avoided during pregnancy. This precaution is taken because any medicine taken by a pregnant woman reaches fetus by crossing the placenta, just like …

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Epilepsy and Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very exciting and eventful time in a woman’s life and if you are an epilepsy patient then your major concerns may be regarding the epilepsy medications that you are consuming. This is because the epilepsy medication may harm your unborn child. Epilepsy does not get any better or worse, when you get …

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