Multiple Pregnancies

Multiple-pregnancy is a medical condition where a woman is pregnant with two or more babies in her womb. The chances of twin-pregnancy are 1% to 1.2% and a pregnancy with triplets is 0.015%, and with quads is about 0.0002% and with quintuplets in about 0.000002% under normal conception. Most of the times, multiple pregnancies occur when a woman is taking infertility treatments, before becoming pregnant. Multiple pregnancies can also occur naturally when a woman’s body releases more than one egg in a month during ovulation. Either the eggs can be fertilized or one egg may split into two. When one egg is split into two sharing the same sperm and genes then identical twins are born and when two separate eggs are fertilized with two different sperms then fraternal twins with genetically unique features are born.

Multiple-pregnancy brings mixed emotions in a pregnant woman. Where on one hand a mother to be is excited about having two babies together on the other hand she is apprehensive about their care, the delivery, the labor pains, and their upbringing. Multiple-pregnancy is considered a high risk pregnancy and a pregnant woman with multiple-pregnancy needs to see her doctor more frequently then a pregnant woman with single fetus. More visits to the doctor are required to ensure the proper development of all the fetuses present in the womb. If you are pregnant with multiple babies then instead of panicking you should be more careful and cautious with your pregnancy. Most twin pregnancy result in the birth of healthy babies without any serious complications.

The early pregnancy symptoms of multiple-pregnancy are quite similar with single pregnancy with little difference in intensity of symptoms. You may be feeling excessive morning sickness and fatigue. You may also find an over-size belly which may not be in sync with the normal gestational age. If you are pregnant with multiple babies than you must be more careful about the diet you take. The diet must be more nutritional and balanced so that nutrition reaches body but excessive weight gain should be avoided. Generally 250 to 300 additional calories each day with more proteins are suggested by the doctors. The quantity of vitamins is also doubled in multiple pregnancies but you must consult your doctor for proper nutritional supplements and should not just double them on your own.

The complications that may occur in multiple pregnancies can be little more as compared to the single pregnancy. A woman with multiple-pregnancy often suffers from Pre-eclampsia, high blood pressure, and anaemia. Bleeding before birth of babies and preterm labour are more likely to occur. Due to large or double placenta gestational diabetes may also occur in the pregnant woman. One most important thing that a pregnant woman with multiple pregnancies must remember is to avoid stress. You should take things and find solutions for them when they come instead of keep on worrying about them. A proper rest both at the beginning of pregnancy and in the later stages is advised by the doctors. A proper care can result in the birth of healthy babies.

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